Memory Foam

Some residual foam odour will be apparent when first unwrapped. This is quite normal and not cause for concern. Please give the mattress time to air, leave unwrapped in a well ventilated room for several hours.

Slight softening of the foam over time is normal and should not be seen as a fault. Allow a couple of weeks to become use to the very different feel of a memory foam mattress and remember that indentations from body weight will recover during the day.

Yellowing of the foam is a natural occurrence and will not affect the performance of the mattress.

Heat Retention
The insulation properties of the foam cause a degree of heat retention, however, this is not high and it should be remembered that the mattress will not produce heat itself and body heat is dissipated continuously. Please give yourself time to adjust.

Fillings Settlement

Each Relyon mattress is hand crafted and unique, containing generous amounts of luxury upholstery fillings. These sumptuous layers will naturally tend to ‘settle’, and will be particularly noticeable in the areas under most body weight. This is quite normal and should not cause concern.