Can I buy a Relyon bed direct from you or over the Internet?
You cannot buy from us directly or over the Internet but we do supply quality retailers across the British Isles. You can search for a list of your local stockists by entering the first letter/s of your postcode into the form to the top right of this page.

I suffer from back pain. Would you recommend a soft, medium or firm mattress?
You should always seek medical advice regarding this question. There is an excellent publication now available “Back in Bed” published by Back Care, the national organisation for healthy backs. The popular belief that a firm bed is good for a bad back is not necessarily true. It is important to find the right level of comfort and support for you. You can contact ‘Back Care’ for further information at their web site

How do I know which bed to choose when looking for a new bed?
We suggest that you try as many variations as possible to enable you to select the option that gives your body the correct support. When you lie facing upwards, you should feel the mattress nestling against the small of your back (this is the area above your hips). If you slide your hand between the small of your back and the mattress and feel a gentle pressure from both sides, you have found the mattress with the correct level of support for you. The same applies if you lie on your side – you should feel the mattress willing to accomodate your shoulder and hips and yet support your waist. Above all, take time when selecting a mattress and choose one that feels most comfortable to you.

I’ve looked at the beds on your web site and visited one of your stockists, but the beds on display had different names to those featured on your web site. Why is this? Are the beds not featured on your web site made to a lower standard?
Relyon make exclusive collections for many well known high street retailers. The quality of raw materials, and the production processes used, are to the same high standards as the beds featured on our website.

Our existing mattress is old and needs replacing but the divan base looks to be in good condition. Do I need to replace the base as well as the mattress?
The National Bed Federation recommends changing your bed (mattress and divan) every 7 years. After this length of time, the springs in the base will have softened due to their constant use. Placing a new mattress onto the ‘tired’ base will dramatically increase the wear on the new mattress, and affect its guarantee.

I’ve bought a slatted bed base and want a mattress to put on it. Can I use a Relyon mattress?
Relyon has produced a range of mattresses specially designed for use on bedsteads – our Bedstead Mattress Collection – which are able to withstand the greater strain placed on the mattress by the gaps between the slats. There are other mattresses in the Relyon range that are suitable for use on slatted bases, and your retailer will be able to give you advice on which of these are suitable for your needs.
Note: Please ensure that the gap between the slats is no more than 7cm.

I bought a Relyon bed recently and the mattress has developed a depression in it where I sleep. Is this a fault, and if so, how can I put it right?
‘Natural Settlement’ is a feature of high quality pocket sprung mattresses, and is a result of the bedding down of upholstery fillings. To resolve this we recommend regular turning of the mattress, which will ensure the fillings settle evenly. The turning procedure is explained in the care leaflet attached to your mattress, and on our product care web page.

Why don’t you have a price list showing all of the beds you make on your web site?
As we supply so many different ranges of product to such a wide range of retail customers, it is simply not possible to provide a standard retail price list to cover all products.

I am interested in purchasing an unusually large mattress, but I don’t know where to find bedding to go with it. Can you help?
You can contact the National Bed Federation on 01756 799950 or via their website and they will be able to advise.

I live outside the UK but would like to purchase a Relyon bed. Do you offer an export service?
At present we only supply retailers within the UK and regret that we are unable to offer an export service ourselves. Although, we regularly supply Relyon products to overseas customers via British Beds Worldwide Ltd. British Beds Worldwide Ltd proudly provides a dedicated one-to-one service supplying you with the British bed of your dreams, made especially to your specification and professionally delivered to your home almost anywhere on Earth. You can contact them directly at or please see our list of international distributors who would be happy to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Can you make a mattress for me in a non-standard size?
Although we offer a wide range of sizes as standard. It is possible to produce other sizes at additional cost. Your retailer will be able to advise on sizing options and give you a price guide.

Is it possible to have two sides of a double bed with different levels of firmness?
If you do require two halves of the mattress to be different tensions, we do offer zip and link divan sets.

I recently bought a new Relyon bed / bed frame and have a problem with it. Can you help me?
Initially we would ask you to contact the retailer where you purchased the product and explain the situation to them. (As your contract is with the retailer, and in the majority of cases they prefer to deal with their own customers directly).

I suffer from an allergy caused by dust mites. Do you have a suitable bed?
Look out for products containing hypo-allergenic fillings such as memory foam and/or white fibre as dust mites cannot survive in these fillings, allowing a healthy environment and peaceful sleep.

Why should I choose a Relyon bed in favour of another manufacturer?
If you were buying a new car you wouldn’t buy it without first looking under the bonnet. The same is true when looking to buy a new bed but in this case, it’s really what you don’t see (rather than what you do see) that should persuade you to consider a Relyon bed. Every Relyon mattress, divan and upholstered headboard are entirely hand built at our factory in Wellington Somerset. We use only the very finest mattress fillings from around the world (including pure lambswool, cotton, cashmere and mohair) and take time to ensure that the quality of the end product is exceptional.
All our divan frames have passed the most rigorous independent testing and a large proportion of frames are glued and screwed for strength. The load bearing corner blocks (which house the castors) are always hardwood. Traditional cane edging (as opposed to wire edging) helps to retain the divan shape despite years of constant use. All the edges of the mattress are stitched entirely by hand. The list goes on and on. Need we say more!

Do you offer a guarantee on Relyon beds?
In the unlikely event that your Relyon divan set presents any manufacturing fault or defect within eight years from date of purchase, repairs will be made good without charge. Relyon offers a 8 year guarantee on all mattresses and divans, and a 1 year warranty on all furniture.