The perfect mattress support

The perfect mattress is a retreat for your body, mind and soul. A constant place of health and well-being away from the rhythm of our daily lives. A place we return to for a great night’s sleep and rely on to awake feeling refreshed and revived ready for the glories of the day ahead. It is said that time costs nothing, but at Relyon we say that time is invaluable. Selecting the perfect mattress should take all the time it needs. After all, it is an investment in your future health and well-being and the benefits are priceless. Perfect support is achieved when your spine is in neutral alignment. This applies when standing, sitting or lying down, perfect posture is the key to a good night’s sleep.

too soft

Spine is out of natural alignment. Spine bows downwards creating pressure around the hips and lower back.

Soft edit

too firm

Spine is out of neutral alignment. Spine bows upwards creating pressure around the shoulders and knees.

Firm edit

perfect support

Spine neutral and in line. The heavier parts of the body, the knees, hips and shoulders are correctly supported.

Correct edit

understanding sleep posture