Best Handmade Mattresses: Relyon Heritage Collection

Best Handmade Mattresses: Relyon Heritage Collection

Consisting of six of the best handmade mattresses on the UK market, the Relyon Heritage Collection is for discerning buyers seeking unique, premium pocket spring mattresses that contain high-quality natural materials.

Inspired by their English Heritage and the natural resources of the British Isles, Relyon’s artisans have used traditional skills to create the best handcrafted beds for front, side and back sleepers.

With soft, medium or firm tension mattresses available, there is something for everyone within the Heritage Collection – ensuring you get the right feel for your unique shape, weight and size.

The hand-tufted finish ensures all fillings are secured from the top of the mattress to the bottom, while hand side-stitching extends the sleep surface right to the edge.

Relyon are so confident in the quality of the mattresses in the Heritage Collection, they have guaranteed every model for eight years.

Here’s Sleep Expert and Relyon stockist Land of Bed’s verdict on the key benefits of each Heritage Collection mattress:


Mattress Name No. of Pocket Springs Additional Fillings Key Benefits
Relyon Vienna Ortho Mattress 1000 Lambswool, soft white fibre, cotton felt and resilient foam Best budget mattress for a bad back: This firm tension mattress is ideally suited to front sleepers or back sleepers.


Relyon Chatsworth Mattress 1200 Cashmere, silk, cotton and wool Coolest mattress: Silk draws moisture away from your skin, helping to regulate your body temperature for a cooler, more comfortable night’s sleep.


Relyon Braemar Mattress 1400 Cashmere, cotton felt, lambs wool and silk Best anti-allergy mattress (mid-priced): Contains sterilised, dust-free anti-allergenic fibre underneath the mattress cover, and silver+ for antibacterial protection.


Relyon Woolsack Mattress 1400 Cashmere, silk and wool Best mattress for all seasons:  Wool is a natural insulator that is cool in summer and warm in winter. It also helps moisture to evaporate from the skin for a fresher feel.


Relyon Balmoral Mattress 2000 Lambs wool, natural hair and cotton Best mattress for organic support: Natural hair is extremely durable and resilient; forming tiny natural springs, it adjusts to your body’s contours to offer optimum support.


Relyon Marquess Mattress 2200 Hand-teased mohair and lambs wool Best mattress for couples: The higher the number of pocket springs, the more supported you and your partner are going to feel. With 2200 pocket springs, this is the premium handcrafted mattress in the Relyon Heritage Collection.



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